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Commissions are OPEN

Welcome! If you are here for a personal commission, please read below.

If you are here for a commercial illustration such as a book cover, children's book, and more please reach out here

Prices (in USD)​

  • $90 - Pet Portrait

  • $100 - Portrait (+$70 per character)

  • $150 - Half body (+$75 per character)

  • $200 - Full body (+$100 per character)

  • $300 - starting for a full scene

These are an estimate and, depending on the complexity of your commission, may change.


                   Portrait                                                 Half Body                                               Full Body                                                 Full Scene 

Once agreed on a price I will draw any sketches for approval. There will be a 50% down payment when the sketch is chosen I will begin working on it once I receive the deposit. The last 50% can be sent upon completion. Once I receive your payment you will receive multiple files:

  • High resolution without a watermark for printing 

  • Instructions for printing

  • Lower resolution for icons

  • Lower resolution with watermark for posting

  • Progress shots (I take them as I remember, if you would like to see more let me know!)

It can take anywhere from a few days up to 2 weeks to complete a commission. 

Reference photos are greatly appreciated and help speed up the process!

Terms of Use

  • Commissions are for personal use only for example, using as your icon or banner, posting on your social media accounts.

  • Credit must be given when posting. 

  • You cannot use the image created on or in books, for your business, promotional items, or to make money in any way. (If you want a book cover, promotional art, or more feel free to inquire here.)

  • I retain the rights to the image and can display it in my portfolio and on my websites. (If the subject does not wish to be featured as such, I can make exceptions.)

  • Commissions are done digitally and will be delivered as such. 

  • You may not claim art as your own or display without giving credit.

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